Mission Statement for the Avon Nursery School

The Purpose of the Avon Nursery School as a ministry of the Avon Baptist Church is to provide our communities with a safe, loving environment in which all children may thrive and excel as they begin their education journey. We will accomplish this through the following core values.

Core Values
Love: We are motivated by Love for children and their families in all that we do. The care and well being of the children will always be of utmost importance.

Community: We are committed to developing a learning community which is characterized by cooperation between the staff, parents, children, and church that create an exceptional learning environment.

Excellence: We are devoted to helping each child prepare for excellence in their lives and education both during their time here at Avon Nursery school and in the future.

Philosophy of Avon Nursery School
We provide a warm, compassionate atmosphere where children can develop an enthusiasm for learning and a feeling of self worth. We aim to help each child relate to his/her peers as well as to adults who are outside of the child’s family. We have a full staff and are well equipped with materials to aid each child improve both fine and gross motor skills, communication and listening skills, and social skills in a developmentally appropriate way. This is accomplished in a world where we make all effort to keep the environment safe and where supportive teachers will cooperate with parents to see that every child reaches his/her potential.